About Premium Wholesale Home & Leisure


Premium Wholesale Home & Leisure opened in 1997 as a furniture and mattress store in Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario. The idea was to offer quality product brands at wholesale direct prices. We accomplished this by sourcing products and manufacturers directly here and overseas. We were very mindful to keeping expenses low and having a “no frills” operation (i.e., our original warehouse was just that.. concrete floors and definitely a low cost showroom).

Our approach was successful very quickly. Within the first couple of years, we went from selling five-six mattress sets per week to selling 20 to 30 per week. Owner Christian Ryan soon realized then that Premium Wholesale was filling a void in the market. We continued to add other product lines as we grew, including solid wood bedroom and dining room furniture and then, in 2003, higher end hot tubs and pool tables. Along the way, we moved several times (three to be exact) as we grew to accommodate all the products. We also opened a second location to serve the Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto Markets. We stuck to industrial type warehouse locations with lower rents to keep product pricing competitive but never sacrificed the quality of the products we carried.

At 14,000 square feet, our Kitchener showroom offers nearly innumerable options for your home and backyard oasis. This means that, in most cases, customers don’t have to choose from a catalog picture — they can select from the vast array of items on display. Premium Wholesale is able to offer some of the best pricing available because of the volume of ordering we do. We can really offer consumers the selection and competitive price advantage they want, and they’re not having to worry about losing any service like if they’re buying from a big box store, says owner Christian Ryan.